ERP Implementation

What is ERP

Enterprise resource planning software or ERP is true ambition that attempts to integrate all departments and functions across a company onto a single computer system that can serve all those different departments' particular needs. That is a tall order, building a single software program that serves the needs of people in finance as well as it does the people in human resources and in the warehouse. Each of those departments typically has its own computer system optimized for the particular ways that the department does its work. But ERP combines them all together into a single, integrated software program that runs off a single database so that the various departments can more easily share information and communicate with each other. The module is designed to help you improve customer service and evaluate sales and marketing activities.The Modules/Department we have covered in Mr. BizSol(ERP) are....

Marketing/ sales Orde

The Sales Order Module maintains extensive customer information, defines pricing and tax information, generates sales orders, manages picking, issuing, packing and dispatch operations, and checks credit. The Sales Order Module provides in-depth insight into the main business processes of sales and distribution, such as inquiry, quotation, and sales order processing, backlog management, returns handling, and delivery. You can get a jump-start into analyzing sales data and also easily extend the Sales Order module to incorporate additional reporting and business requirements.

Key areas of the module

  • Reduce cycle time to process orders
  • Eliminate order processing errors
  • Integrated customer credit and account balances
  • Allow easy conversion of estimates/quotes to orders
  • Commission tracking and calculation
  • Open Order Report by customer, item or status
  • Late Orders/ Late Shipments.
  • Commission data for each sales rep and/or dealer
  • Extensive sales and margin analysis by month and year-to-date

  • Material Planning/ Purchase

    This module performs the functions of purchasing that include planning, purchase authorization, purchase ordering, material requirement analysis, vendor-rating analysis.

    Key areas of the module

  • Generates the purchase requirement.
  • Keeps the track of any materials that comes in to the payment made
  • Shows the details of all purchase made
  • Shows the Item Wise/Party Wise Costing
  • Show the purchase details between dates item wise/party wise

  • Production Planning and Inventory Control

    This module is really important for any steel industries, and we have designed this module keeping all the factors in a steel industry, this modules give you the actual status of your stock in tons and also in numbers. The module helps you to plan your production which raw material to be use to create the pipes of different sizes, Keeps the record of all the Slits, Coil in stock. The module keeps the track of all raw material used for production with Coil No., so that material can easily be traced, at the time of any defect found at the time of inspection. The module also keeps the track of material sent for job work.

    Key areas of the module

  • Keeps the record of various production process (Slitting, Black Pipe Manufacturing, Galvanization)
  • Generates the stock statement in tones as well as in numbers
  • Shows the By Products ratio generated
  • Shows the Zinc Consumption ratio
  • Material Traceability
  • Show the maximum/minimum production month wise
  • Pending material on Job Work

  • Dispatch Sales

    The module is designed to generate the invoices/challans and packing list to parties, the module having option to generate different kind of invoice like Export Under Bond, Export Under Rebate Claim, Domestic, Consignment and stock transfer. The module also have a control on freight paid and freight charged, in the module you can define the city wise, transporter wise freight rate, and the module will keep an eye at the time of payment weather the transporter has raised the bill is as per the rate contract. The module also has an option to generate a consolidated bill (Payment Invoice) of different challans of same party for payment collection. And in account the entry will be posted as per the bill generated, so that at any point of time account department can see against which bill payment has not been received.

    Key areas of the module

  • Generates the Packing List and Invoices/Challan
  • Auto Tax Calculation as specified in Order
  • Option to specify three different address on challan (Indentor, Consignee, Delivery/ Transshipment Address)
  • Month Wise Sales Register, Export Register
  • Sale Chart/Analysis
  • Provide the report those help you to generate ARE1
  • Freight charged and total outward freight paid report.

  • Finance, Accounts, Income Tax

    The module is very much similar to any other accounting package, having some extra customized feature as per client’s requirements. In this module you enter the information of receipt, payment, expenses and others, module also having option of voucher printing and cheque printing. In our software we are having a different kind of option of bank reconciliation that is not available in any other accounting software. In our package you have to just feed in the bank statement rest all our system will does. It will automatically check the book entries with bank entries and show the result.

    Key areas of the module

  • Generates the Debit/Credit Note
  • Voucher Printing/Cheque Printing
  • Bank Book, Cash Book, Journal Book and Day Book
  • Account/Group Ledgers
  • Trial Balance
  • Auto TDS calculation and debit note generation
  • TDS report as per invoice tax requirement and TDS Certificate
  • Auto Bank Reconciliation
  • Budget Control
  • Depreciation Chart
  • Debtors Ageing
  • Stock Valuation
  • Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet

  • Sales Tax/VAT

    The module is designed to meet all the requirement of sales tax, the package is smart enough to provide the reporting as per sales tax department. This module is also compatible with VAT. The program also keeps tracks of the Form received from the party or not, also generate for reminder to them. The program also maintains the form register.

    Key areas of the module

  • Generates the Tax Wise Reports, Sales details against various form (3B, C, H)
  • Generates the Sales Tax Return
  • Form Reminders
  • Form Registers
  • Details of sales tax modvat taken
  • Excise & Service Tax

    The module is designed to meet all the requirement of Excise. The module maintains all the register required by Excise department, and also provides some important report those are required by excise department as the time of Audit.

    Key areas of the module

  • Form IV
  • RG 23 A Part I
  • RG G I (Daily Stock Ledger)
  • RG 23 A Part II
  • RG 23 C Part I
  • RG 23 C Part II
  • PLA
  • Job Work Registers
  • Annexure D
  • Service Tax Register
  • Bond Register
  • Monthly Return
  • Annexure 19 (Bond Return)
  • Production Clearance Chart

  • Export Import

    The module is designed help you create the entire document for export like Commercial Invoice, in the module you also keep an eye on the benefits you get against export. The module also helps you to keep record of export accounting with bank, like Pre Shipment credit, Post Shipment credit. The module keep all the details of all the benefits, for example when you export some goods, and you get the benefit of DEPB license, you have the record of it in our ERP, weather you have received License or not, you are always in the position to get the status of each and every DEPB License weather it is in Customs or in JDGFT. If you have sold the license then the package also keeps record of payment received against form the person you have sold the licensee.

    Key areas of the module

  • Export/Import Documentation
  • Record of Export Benefit (Advance License, DEPB License, Duty Drawback)
  • Pre Shipment Credit/ Post Shipment Credit
  • Report of the Document pending in bank against those payments has not yet been received
  • Shows the export order those LC/Last Shipment date is going to expire.

  • HR Management/ Payroll

    The module is designed to maintain all the transaction done in Payroll department, i.e. Daily attendance, over time calculation, leave allotment. The module is smart enough to maintain all the register as per government specification like ESI register, PF register and Bonus register. The module also gives you the monthly challans on ESI and PF. This module is designed to provide you some of the great searching like if u wants to a list of employees are (Mechanical) in your company, the package will take it out on a single click. This module also has an option of auto attendance with the latest technology, i.e. Thumb impression.

    Key areas of the module

  • Automatic daily attendance
  • Over time calculation
  • Employee searching on any field (Join Date/ Birth Date/ Shift Wise etc)
  • Shows you the details of Currency you require to distribute the salary in cash (how much notes required of 1000, how much of 500, how much coins and so-on…)
  • Advance Summary Employee Wise
  • Hours Summary
  • ESI/PF monthly challans
  • ESI/PF monthly returns
  • Bonus Statement

  • Stores

    The module is designed to check the hidden expenses in any industry, normally management dose not able to see what is going in stores what material is coming how much is the monthly consumption, How much the brakeage is there of mechanical part like bearing. The module help you to find all these result and much more, the module provides having option to auto generate indents as per the last months usage so that you can plan the purchase. The module provides the report like purchase details of any particular item from any particular or different vendor(s), so that you can compare the rates. The module also provide the most important report i.e. department wise consumption of store items in value, with this report you can analysis the consumption and production.

    Key areas of the module

  • Stock Ledger
  • Indent generation
  • Department wise issue summary
  • Item wise issue summary
  • Purchase Details Vendor/Item wise
  • Item’s Issuing Frequency
  • Item not Issued from last 2(n) months

  • MIS

    The module is especially designed for Management, provide the real and effective reports as required by the management, the report provided by the package are likely impossible to get it manually. It provides the report The module also provides the report like total man power worked how much hours in factory during the month/year, and how much was the production. Provide the report of store item consumption department wise with the compression with production.

    Key areas of the module

  • Raw Material Cost Sheet Party Wise /Item Wise
  • Average Sale Report Rate/Ton Item Wise
  • Best 10 (n) Customers
  • Best 10 (n) Items
  • Your best sales rep
  • Sale ratio in Export, Private, Government
  • Any other report required by management

  • Administration

    The module is really very important and effective in this package, the module develops the security levels. When you are going for any computerization if is really necessary to keep a nice security. In this module administrator defines the rights of each and every user that what he can do what he can not, for e.g. a user can see a particular report but can not take the print out, Which user can not enter/edit/delete the entries which can not. Who is having the right of purchase who is having of invoice so-on? The module having the entry level security. In which you can check which entry is done by which person on which date, the entry is modified by which person on which date.

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